ULEZ - A political football

The expansion of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to the outer London boroughs has become a political football for Tories and Labour. The LibDem response to this has been clear, and responsible. We need cleaner air for everyone’s sake, not least our childrens’. But environmental change, however desirable, will only happen if people support it. It cannot simply make the lives of ordinary people worse.

LibDems have therefore been keen properly to mitigate the impact of ULEZ. A LibDem motion was passed in the London Assembly to double scrappage funding and improve bus services in the outer boroughs. Now the Labour Party have used the mayoralty to get that motion overturned. That will increase the likelihood that ULEZ will fail. The LibDems have also managed to secure a London Assembly motion passed calling on Government to increase funding for scrappage and public transport, as they have for Birmingham, Greater Manchester, and Portsmouth.

It remains to be seen if the Government and the Mayor can manage to do what is right for London, or whether this important issue will continue to be kicked around for party advantage.